Carsten Stroud

Carsten Stroud is an award winning journalist and author of New York Times bestseller Close Pursuit, his book Iron Bravo is on the Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army's Recommended Reading List for all noncommissioned officer candidates. Deadly Force and Black Water Transit have had film rights optioned by major Hollywood producers. Cuba Strait has been placed on Fidel Castro's list of Forbidden books.

Author's Bio

As an opinionated teenage brat, Carsten Stroud locked horns once too often with his military father over a Sunday roast of beef and was advised by that long-suffering man that Stroud "needed to see a bit of the real world" - Stroud was out of the house next day. Standing in the cross-roads of his life, Stroud brought the full force of his staggering intellect to bear and decided to become a champion surfer, hitch-hiking from the frozen Northern plains (where the surfing was rather poor) to Southern California, where he quickly found out that surfing in an actual ocean was 'really really hard'.

In the next few years, Stroud went from scraping boat bottoms in the Baja to a very short career as a demolition diver - don't ask - and from there to a series of misadventures in some of the Third World's riskier venues, finally washing up on solid ground with an exquisitely beautiful wife named Linda Mair and three lovely kids who expressed a strong desire to live indoors and eat regularly. So Stroud, who had realized long ago that he was a One Trick Pony and that his one trick was 'telling a good story', began to write everything from magazine articles to fiction and non-fiction books and screenplays on subjects ranging from cops to horse cavalry to surgeons and US Marshals, winning along the way a multitude of National Magazine Awards, making the New York Times Best-Seller list, and selling several books to Hollywood.

The rest is myth and legend, although it is rumored that Stroud can still be spotted lounging about the beaches of the Emerald Coast, staring out to sea and dreaming of one day becoming a champion surfer. His splendid wife Linda, a true heroine, remains beside him on that long white shore. His three beloved kids, Danielle, Jason, and Emily, although all grown up now and wildly-successful, for some reason never even tried to surf. Not once.

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