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Carsten_PicAs an opinionated teenage brat, Carsten Stroud locked horns once too often with his military father over a Sunday roast of beef and was advised by that long-suffering man that Stroud “needed to see a bit of the real world” – Stroud was out of the house next day. Standing in the cross-roads of his life, Stroud brought the full force of his staggering intellect to bear and decided to become a champion surfer, hitch-hiking from the frozen Northern plains (where the surfing was rather poor) to Southern California, where he quickly found out that surfing in an actual ocean was ‘really really hard’….read more
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  • The Niceville Trilogy
  • Niceville
  • The Homecoming
  • The Reckoning


  • Contempt of Court
  • Close Pursuit
  • The Blue Wall


  • Cobraville
  • Cuba Strait
  • Black Water Transit
  • Deadly Force
  • Iron Bravo
  • Lizard Skin
  • Snipers Moon

The Niceville Trilogy – BY Carsten Stroud

… a city of around ten-thousand people, a Forties-style Deep South town with live oaks in the shady squares, Spanish-moss hanging from the branches, blue-and-gold street cars rumbling over the pavements, the down-town streets stitched together by overhead power lines and trolley wires, graveyards for the Confederate Dead and those misguided Union boys … a misty and humid place with the scent of the distant sea a salt tang in the air, a soft golden light lying over it all, a river called The Tulip snaking through it, and everywhere the smell of ferns and flowers growing in fresh-turned gardens, exactly like the scent of a new-cut grave …

… and a small stand of original New World forest on top of the looming bluffs on the north-eastern edge of the town. In the middle of this stand of Old Forest is Crater Sink, a limestone pit ringed by stone cliffs coated in black moss and defining a nearly-perfect circle of cold black water a hundred feet across and a thousand feet deep. Niceville folk liked to say that things went into Crater Sink but nothing ever came out of it.

This was not entirely true.  VISIT NICEVILLE